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BT Delta

BT Delta Sistema
Inluye Culata loader basico
Semiautomatica de Tiro.
Ripclip por separado.

Description The BT-4 Delta is the first Close Quarters Combat marker offered by BT, and it doesn't disappoint. Built for action, this marker delivers with advanced features, like its peep-sight and adjustable stock. Plus, you can upgrade your BT Delta with enhanced features like the BT Rip-Clip and BT electronic grip frame to make the package even more complete.

Features Slide-Away feedport for easy cleaning and maintenance lightweight, balanced construction impact-resistant, backed-on coating modular trigger system adjustable stock adjustable / removable magazine upgradeable to accept BT Rip-Clip and BT Electronic Grip Frame removable grip frame for quick and easy upgrades works with CO2 or compressed air



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