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Project Salvo o Sierra one Us army

Project Salvo
Incluye carcasa con rieles picatinny.
Culata colapsable,
Cañon de 11 pulgadas

The Project Salvo has the looks, performance and reliability you would expect from a much higher priced marker. The Project Salvo marker features a high performance 11” ported barrel, top and side Picatinny rails for accessories, and a magazine that doubles as tool storage. Upgrades include an E-Trigger Kit, Response Trigger and the Cyclone Feed System.
Part of Tippmann's line of U.S. Army-branded paintball products, this paintball gun features a six-position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR-15-style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails, and an AR-15-style magazine that doubles as a helpful toolkit. The marker also incorporates a flat-top Picatinny rail built into the receiver, which makes it simple for players to quickly add a handle, site, or scope or a variety of other modifications. This is an official licensed product of the U.S. Army.

11-inch quick-thread anodized barrel
Removable/adjustable front sight
Front sling mount
AR-15-style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails
Quick-release feeder elbow
Durable, all-aluminum die-cast receiver
AR-15-style magazine with built-in tool storage
Heavy-duty stainless steel braided gas line
Under 3-pound trigger pull for smooth, steady shots
Removable/adjustable rear sight
AR-15-style, six-position collapsible and folding stock that adjusts to your game
About U.S. Army Paintball

Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, U.S. Army Paintball markers and accessories are designed to help you take your game to the highest level of realistic play possible at a great value. At home and abroad, the U.S. Army has utilized Tippmann paintball markers in its training to emphasize the importance of fire-control measures and cover and concealment procedures. No other training device can replicate this sense of combat realism in a totally safe environment.



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