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Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Scenario Marpat Woodland Digital

Official Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Paintball Airsoft Armor Pod Vest- Marpat Woodland Digital Color (pods are not included) . Versatile one size fits most, fully adjustable in height and girth to fit from a small to X-Large adult.

Constructed with Heavy duty premium Synthetic Material- crafted to take a beating while maintaining its excellent quality, featuring Law Enforcement combat quality Velcro, snap-on/Buckle Systems, and Zipper.
Loaded with pockets & pouches: 8 Pod Pouches for Intensive Battle Operations,Fully Adjustable Elastic Air Tank Pouch,2 Utility and Grenade Pouches,Padded Radio Holder/Utility Pouch,10 Elastic Cartridge Holders for Close Quarter Battle Operations,Survival Cleaning Rod Elastic Holder,Law Enforcement Belt System,3 Large Mesh Pockets for Documents and Hydration Pouch for Hydration Bladder (Hydration Bladder Not Included).Includes a behind the neck rescue pull handle for extraction of a team member, a reinforced and texturized shooter/sniper non-slip shoulder pad, and 2 d-rings attached to the shoulders for hanging the vest when it's not being worn. Complete ventilation mesh system for enhanced comfort and heat release during battles.



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